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1989 – Stingray (single) - Turn Away

1989 – Stingray (single)

Также на альбомах: Walking Through Windows, Joanna Stingray (compilation), May There Always Be Sunshine (ver.2005)

Turn Away
- Joanna Stingray

What you gonna say
What you gonna say
What you goona do
What you gonna do do do do
Where you gonna go
Where you gonna go
What you wanna be
What you wanna be be be be

I woke up this morning
What did I see?
Empty words and promises
So I don’t belive
Your spell is so tall
Your head is so big
So give it to me
Streight streight streight streight

Don’t Turn away
Turn away

Cover your ears now
Close your eyes
And shout your mouth
I want no more lies
You can cast your spell
All over this town
But than you’re going dowm
Down down down

‘Cuz you Turn away
Turn away

I see you more clearly
When my eyes are closed
I feel you sencerely
When the doors are closed
Be near me and tell me
These words I say aren’t true
Don’t fear me than tell me
Somehow we’ll make it through the dark

Around the world
American girl
Da da da da da da da da da
I’m living out of time
I’m moving out of spase
I bust my bu bu but
And I failed to say
I feel good
I feel good yea
You feel good, yea? Ok

I see you on a TV
I read you in the news
I breath your air
And I eat you food
Your big White House
Your big Red Square
Your elegant life
Dreamboat wife

Turn away

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